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balalaika IT newsletter #8

balalaika IT newsletter #8

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Published on Aug 21, 2020

2 min read


  • Databases are one of the most complex pieces of software ever made by humans, not only in terms of their internals, but also in terms of the behavior for the end-users. This comprehensive blog post might help you to avoid common pitfalls when dealing with DBs.
  • Designing a successful language is very hard, no doubts. If you are interested in the topic, watch this talk by Brian Kernighan.
  • Nowadays application development assumes dealing with distributed systems of various kinds. If you feel that you are at the beginner level in the wild ocean of distributed systems, you should watch this nice overview talk.


  • Were you capable to catch up with all the new stuff introduced in Java 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, and beyond? If not, here is a busy developers’ guide from Grzegorz Piwowarek.


  • On August 20, Microsoft announced a new major version of TypeScript - 4.0. It packs lots of goodies. This lengthy post goes over them one by one and it is an absolute must-read for every TS developer.


  • TypeScript is the official language of frontend web development at Airbnb. Yet, the process of adopting TypeScript and migrating a mature codebase containing thousands of JavaScript files didn’t happen in one day. In this article Sergii Rudenko tells us about their TypeScript migration strategy and tools.
  • On August 10, React published their first release candidate for React v17. Even though it’s almost three years since a major release of React, surprisingly, there are no new features added for the new version. This concise read covers the major updates.


  • Node.js Technical Steering Committee is currently running a survey on unhandled Promise rejections handling. You have a chance to a part and impact the final decision. Here is the blog post which explains the rationale behind the survey.
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