balalaika IT newsletter #5


  • Does CSS grid seem kind of complicated to you? Do you find yourself constantly fighting it, endlessly browsing web for yet another hack? Here is a remarkable cheatsheet destined to keep your sanity.
  • An outstanding overview of scrolling technologies and approaches by Zach Saucier.
  • Security is something frontend engineers are often not thinking about. It seems like a task for the backend team. What possibly could go wrong on the frontend? Here is a lengthy list every React developer should keep in mind.


  • The TSC is going to have "Next 10 years of Node.js" session on July 16. Here you can find the agenda.
  • What exciting things happened in the JavaScript language and the V8 engine in 2019? Shu and Leszek take a tour of some new features and improvements.


  • What may be simpler than measuring time, right? In reality, Java has multiple APIs to do the job and there are some important restrictions related to each one of those. Here is a great deep dive on the topic.
  • Have you ever asked yourself a question of whether the allocation of Java objects on the heap involves any contention? By all means, it should, as multiple threads have to be coordinated during those allocations. Yet, HotSpot JVM has another tricky optimization, called Thread-Local Allocation Buffers which allows avoiding contention in most scenarios. If you want to learn more, here is an extensive read.


  • At first glance, load balancing seems to be simple as a concept. In fact, it is extremely hard to make it right. Guys from DataStax recently implemented the Power of Two Random Choices algorithm for Apache Cassandra. It showed a sizeable improvement in high load scenarios. Learn more here.
  • The story of the Slack downtime on May 12th, 2020.
  • ARM is conquering the world. Soon you will find it in servers, supercomputers, and even your MacBook!

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