balalaika IT newsletter #1



  • Node.js v13.10.0 introduced a built-in CLS API, namely, new class AsyncLocalStorage located in the well-known experimental async_hooks module. In this short post you will get familiar with AsyncLocalStorage and its capabilities.

  • Worker Threads are gaining a lot of interest from Node.js community nowadays. If you want to learn more low-level details of their implementation, you should read this post.

  • Ryan Dahl thinks Deno is mature enough to release 1.0. Check it out yourself.



  • Andy Pavlo gives us a mind-blowing overview of database internals in his series of lectures "Advanced Database Systems". Ever wondered how your favorite tweets are stored? How challenging is it to implement a database at scale? Here is your answer.

  • Delta-delta encoding, Simple-8b, XOR-based compression, and more - These algorithms aren't magic, but combined they can save over 90% of storage costs and speed up queries. Here’s how they work.

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